The industrial address of Donato was strategically chosen. The location makes the most of the available facilities. It makes it easy for the company to procure the necessary raw materials without any obstacles. The manufacturing facility is replete with latest imported machinery and contemporary equipments. Utmost importance has been given to the design of the production process. Entire production system is synergized enabling fawless production. The highly talented professionals on board have been equipped with advanced tools and techniques to ensure high-end products and finally, the satisfaction of the customers. Donato is the new-age company that understands the changing demands of the customers.

The machines have been put together in such a way that it not only saves time but also helps maintaining the quality of the end products. SACMI is the core machinery, KEDA the polishing machine, NANO polishing technology from China, avant-garde lab with qualified sta, effcient double charge feeding system, latest storage and material handling system and others ensure high quality to the customers. Right from the raw material to the end product, everything is checked and perfected to ensure that there are no loopholes.